When it comes to home security, there is no substitute for quality.

Admiral Automated Security is a Authorized Dealer, bringing clients the most trusted brand name in home security. Our founder has over 15 years of experience in the alarm industry. Whereas a lot of security companies use “bait and switch” tactics, we do things differently.

Our Offer

We offer only the best quality alarm products and services, at the best prices.

Immediate Response

All of our systems offer two-way voice, which enables you to communicate with if your alarm goes off. This feature ensures immediate response in case of emergency (and is increasingly required by local law enforcement agencies).

Zero Interruption

All of our systems offer cellular connections to ensure that your home monitoring is never interrupted.

Clear & Easy

Our pricing and package information is easy to find, and even easier to understand.


The three essentials.

Two Way Voice

Two way voice service gives us the ability to hear what’s going on in your home in the case of an emergency or a false alarm. A growing number of cities are making this type of verification mandatory for police dispatch.

Cellular Connection

Cellular is the most dependable way to connect your alarm system to the network. Internet and phone lines can be easily cut and disable your system’s communication. Boosters can be added to areas where cell signal is weaker.

The Pulse App

The App lets you receive instant notification of any events happening at your home. Any signals that are sent to’s central stations are sent right to your phone. Video & Automation services are also managed through this app.

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